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Where can I find J & J vaccine near me 92583 Riverside county

Refreshing approach to questions and answers

Serena asked the obvious questions that people want answers for but are usually ignored in favor of political ones. Finally a place to hear understandable science from people using common sense and not afraid of admitting they don’t know everything. Having an MD and PhD and teaching residents for 40 years I appreciate the lack of arrogance and posturing so often encountered with interviews of the “experts”.

Accurate and engaging, 100% needed information for everyone.

Serena is a bright and engaging host asking the folks in charge a range of questions that we all probably have in one way or another. This is a must listen in this crazy time. Thank you to the host and sponsors for this critical piece of the story to supplement the rumor and speculation swirling in the current environment.


A science-based podcast about this COVID vaccine. I am a health worker who is first in line to get this vaccination and wanted to learn more about it. Listening to your podcast has helped me feel more at ease. Thank you! Looking forward to future releases!


Exactly what we need right now. Accurate science based info on the upcoming COVID19 vaccine. Thanks for this!!!

Nice interview with Stephen Hahn

Premiere episode was pretty informative and timely. I'll definitely listen weekly to hopefully get some insights on vaccines -- what a winter we have ahead!

Honest and straight to the point!

I like the clear questions and answers with simple words! Saves so much time by focusing on the most important topics! There’s so much useless and misleading info out there. Thank you for this podcast!

Serena Marshall is so smart!

I’m so glad that she agreed to do this podcast. I trust her to give us the real unbiased info.

The best resource to follow the vaccine!

Love this new podcast. Great way to track the vaccine development and get answers to all my questions. Excited for upcoming guests!