Jan. 4, 2022

S02-15: COVID-19 Vaccines: What Does the Future Hold?

S02-15: COVID-19 Vaccines: What Does the Future Hold?
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We did it all. We social distanced, masked, got vaccinated, masked some more, and got boosted. But still, with Omicron -- a much more contagious variant spreading like wildfire -- infections are at an all-time high. There remain more than 100 different vaccines in human trials and development for COVID-19, from protein subunits to inactivated coronavirus vaccines, as well as another 70-plus in animal trials. So, is boosting with our existing authorized vaccines going to be our "new normal?" Or, are there new vaccines still in development that would allow us to truly be "one and done." On this week's episode, Dial Hewlett Jr., MD, the medical director for Westchester County, New York, and deputy to the commissioner for the Westchester County Department of Health, joins us to explain what future vaccines are coming down the pike and where research will lead us.