April 13, 2021

Summer Surges: Will COVID Vaccines End the Pandemic?

Summer Surges: Will COVID Vaccines End the Pandemic?
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COVID surges and vaccination rates. Are the two inextricably linked? Vaccination rates continue to increase as many states have opened availability to all adults. But also increasing? COVID-19 surges, apparently resulting from a combination of eager travelers, relaxed distancing and mask mandates, and new variants that are more transmissible and perhaps more dangerous. What does that mean for vaccines and the ability to stop this pandemic? Nahid Bhadelia, MD, MALD, the medical director for Boston Medical Center Special Pathogens Unit and associate professor of infectious diseases at Boston University School of Medicine, joins "Track the Vax" host Serena Marshall on this week's episode to discuss whether we can vaccinate our way out of the pandemic.