April 27, 2021

What's in a Name? COVID Vaccine 'Passports' vs 'Verification'

What's in a Name? COVID Vaccine 'Passports' vs 'Verification'
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Across the country, states are moving forward to either require or ban vaccine passports, even as nations move forward with bilateral agreements to allow travel without quarantining if you have one. As more people get vaccinated it will become the travel conundrum. Many cruise lines already say they will require proof of vaccination for crews and passengers. Sports and entertainment venues in certain states also say it will be required for entry. The federal government has maintained they won't be mandating one, but private companies are saying that a "passport" or COVID vaccine card is your ticket in. Would a vaccine passport, called by any other word, be as controversial? To find out how exactly these passports or verification cards would work, and "what's in a name," we spoke with Dakota Gruener, Executive Director for ID2020, a nonprofit group that's working on digital identification and is part of the Good Health Pass Collaborative; and Brian Castrucci, DrPH, MA, an epidemiologist and President & CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation.